BUG - Moving last-used FMOD project makes Studio unable to startup and crashes

  • Start a new project in FMOD Studio.
  • Save it somewhere like your desktop, name it “TEST”.
  • Go to FMOD Studio menu > Preferences > Interface tab.
  • Change “On Start-up” to "Open most recent project "
  • Restart FMOD Studio.

You’ll see a “Error Opening Project” dialog with an “OK” dialog, but NO other option to choose a different project.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 5.15.13 AM

Clicking OK results in a crash.

I sent a crash log from the built-in reporter.

I should be given the opportunity to select a different project, or just startup with a blank one.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue! I’ll add it to our bug tracker.

What version of FMOD Studio does this crash occur in? It doesn’t crash when I try it in version 2.02.10.

In the mean time, you can stop FMOD Studio from trying to open the last-opened project by manually editing its settings file. On MacOs, you’ll want to look in ~/Library/Application Support/FMOD Studio/Settings for a file called “Studio.2.02.00.config” (or possibly “Studio.2.01.00.config,” or “Studio.2.00.00.config,” depending on which version of FMOD Studio you’re using). In this file, look for a property called startupMode, and set its value to 0 (or just delete it). This will cause FMOD Studio to open the Welcome screen when launched, instead of trying to re-open the last opened project.

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@joseph Thanks for the workaround! This isn’t blocking me, but I hope your answer will help someone else.