Use of undeclared identifier 'GetMyDSPDescription' Unity for iOS (XCODE)


I recently updated to Unity 2018.2.2f1 and am getting a new build failure from XCODE.

/Users/kurt/SoundWalk/iOS/Libraries/Plugins/FMOD/fmodplugins.cpp:32:47: Use of undeclared identifier ‘GetMyDSPDescription’

This is referencing this spot in code:
“result = FMOD5_System_RegisterDSP(system, GetMyDSPDescription(), nullptr);
if (result != 0)
return result;

Any ideas on what’s up?


Are you using any plugins?


Yeah! I’m using Resonance Audio plugins within FMOD. I went through all of the steps to get it working within Unity and in iOS builds. Every since I upgraded to a newer Unity, it gives me this error.


Just to confirm, you have had it working before updating Unity and the Resonance plugin was also working?


Yep! All was well and working until the update.


@Cameron Baron
I went back to my old version of Unity and it still doesn’t build properly so I’m starting to doubt that this is a Unity update related problem.


Did you have any ideas? I’m still stuck on this.


Did you have any ideas? I’m still stuck on this.


Thanks for your patience, in the fmodplugins.cpp make sure that only functions labeled ‘ResonanceAudio’ are being used. I have tested the plugin with a few different versions and they all work, just make sure to follow the steps in the documentation: