Using asset bundles instead of streaming assets to play sounds?

Hey there! I’m encountering some lag problems using oneshot sounds in FMOD, despite reducing the DSP buffer size. For example, a sound that’s supposed to play OnTriggerEnter plays with a noticeable delay after the trigger occurs.

I’ve heard that using asset bundles over streaming assets can reduce this type of latency, but I cannot find any online resources regarding how exactly to set up asset bundles to work with Unity. Any advice for a newbie?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

I don’t know where you heard that asset bundles will help with latency but it’s completely untrue.

Your latency is caused by sample loading delay, so you want to preload the sample data.

You haven’t given your Unity Integration version so I’ll talk about latest. There’s a couple of ways of preloading without code, it all depends on how much memory you want to allocate.

  • In the main FMOD Integration settings there’s an option “preload all sample data”. This obviously uses the most memory.
  • If you’re loading banks individually using the Bank Loading Component there’s a “preload sample data”. This lets you preload for only specific banks.
  • On the emitter component there’s “preload sample data” option under advanced settings to preload only that individual event.
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Ah, I see. Thank you very much for the clarification.

I am currently using integration version 1.08.07.

Everything I listed is available in 1.08.07