Using markers for dialogue interrupt/resume points

I’m trying to figure out how to go about setting resume points for dialogue interrupts. For example, say we have one dialogue event that consists of three sentences. If that event were to get interrupted by an attack, or another higher priority dialogue event, and then resume playing where it left off, I would want to first play “…as I was saying…”, and then resume playing from the last marker in the dialogue event. I was thinking to add markers to each resume position in the event (beginning of each sentence), but I’m not sure how to go about resuming play from these in Unreal/Blueprint.

Any ideas or other workarounds? (other then splitting our events up into shorter per sentence events)


Hard to hear cause the idiot keeps talking through the demo, but here’s an example of what we’re trying to accomplish…

That sort of logic would be difficult to achieve using markers and transitions. The best bet would be to use programmer sounds and drive the logic for what to play from Blueprint or C++.

OK cool, thats kinda what I thought but figured Id ask anyway.