Getting events from an audio asset's position?

We’ve run into an issue as timeline marker callbacks do not work as we need them in programmer sounds (timeline length is relative to current audio file).

Is it possible to trigger events in UE based on an audio file’s position, instead an event’s? Perhaps with metadata markers?

We want to avoid recreating each line as an individual FMOD Event with timeline markers.
Taking localization into account this would create a lot of extra work and events for our banks.

Let me know!


Could you describe what you want to do in more detail? It sounds like you’re doing something with dialog; Is it that you want to know when a line of dialogue has finished playing?

Yes, this would be in order to display subtitles based on marked positions in the audio file. We’re looking for a way to get an event similar to ‘On Timeline Marker’ but for markers or other metadata placed in the audio file - perhaps via Broadcast Wave format? Does FMOD support that?

Unfortunately, there is currently no easy way to receive a callback from arbitrary points within an audio file playing through a programmer instrument.

I have added this to our feature and improvement tracker, and it will be considered and potentially scheduled for development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.