Validation Required after creating folders

Hi there, there is an annoying thing happens in 1.10.13

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create some new folder in your Assets directory and put some audio files in it;
  2. Open Studio, import or put to some events these new sounds from this new directory;
  3. Close Studio and open it again
  4. You’ll see yellow warning “Validation Required”, and some new .xml will appear in Metadata\Asset directory, which are will be deleted after validation completed

When you constantly add new assets in a project, it’s kinda annoying that you need to validate it every time

I have not yet been successful in reproducing the behavior you describe, but will continue to investigate.

Is your project subject to any form of external source control, such as Dropbox? Some forms of external source control prevent Studio from creating, deleting, and modifying metadata files, and so can cause project invalidities in some cases.

What operating system are you using?

When you drag the assets into events, are you dragging them from Explorer or Finder, or from FMOD Studio’s assets browser?

Yep sorry I forgot to mention,

It’s Windows 10 x64, NTFS file system.

I’m dragging assets into events from FMOD Studio’s assets browser (or just right click and ‘import’).

There is no any source control, and Studio can create folders and files - no any ownership issues here.

Also I must admit that I was on 1.10.01 before, and there was never such issue with the same project until I started to use 1.10.13.

I can reproduce it even with the newly created empty test project, on different harddrives and folders.
I uploaded this test project here:

There is a folder Assets/111 - it was created via Studio
and Assets/222 - it was created with windows file browser, with a waw file inside
So when you import this wav to project, close studio and open it again - it asks to validate, and the validate process reeeealy slow on our big project (we purchased a license for it).

When you create new folders via Studio - all is OK, the issue is only when you manualy create folders in OS.

Thanks for the additional information! I have been able to reproduce the issue, and it looks like the metadata for new folders in a project’s assets folder aren’t being serialized correctly if an asset from inside one of those folders was been imported into the project. I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

Thanks again for the bug report!