If an EventFolder is lost, the Manual / Automatic validation fix deletes all events in it

We’re using an older version of FMOD Studio in one of our projects. On a couple of occasions, for some reason (PerForce glitch?) an EventFolder file has gone missing. When opening the project, Studio will find this issue and prompts validation. If an automatic fix is done, Studio marks all the FMOD Events in that lost folder for delete.

I’ve had to restore the folder file manually by saving a copy of another EventFolder file, and copy-pasting the source and destination GUIDs to it.

Is there a way this situation could be accounted for differently? Because the only option FMOD Studio offers in manual repair is “Discard” which will delete all the events. I’m also wondering why folders keep occasionally vanishing like this - usually on items that have not been worked on for a while. Looking at older changelists I can’t even pinpoint if that folder has gotten deleted earlier.

I’m not sure why the events in a missing event folder are being marked for delete. When I test here, validating a project with missing eventFolder files results in the missing events being moved to the top level (i.e.: outside of any folder); then when I Sync Latest, Merge & Commit, the events are correctly marked as changed, not marked for delete.

Which version of FMOD Studio are you using? Are you sure it’s just the eventFolder files that are going missing? If the metadata files for events are going missing as well, that could explain why those events are being marked for delete after validation.

As for why these files are going missing, I’m afraid I’m not sure. I’ve never seen it happen here, and my attempts to reproduce the issue haven’t succeeded. If you look at the project’s metadata folders in P4V with “Show Deleted Depot Files” turned on (you’ll find this option in the “Filter Depot” submenu of P4V’s “Search” menu), what do you see, and what are the histories of the deleted files?