Version 4.5 Plugin Availability

Hey guys, love the plugin so far, was just going through the tutorials and it looks great!

However like most plugins in UE4, a re-compiled version for the latest editor version is necessary for each new release.

Will you be providing an updated version on each new release of UE4? or should we be re-compiling it on our end?

Other plugins (such as the Substance plugin by Allegorithmic) release a new version of their plugin to coincide with each UE4 release, and I would recommend taking that route, as there are a ton of requests and confusion (and sometimes rage! :P) over on the UE4 forums whenever a new version comes out and breaks plugin compatibility.

So they end up either asking for the respective plugin to be re-compiled or “HELP My Project wont load!!! says plugin needs to be re-compiled???” etc, as many of the users have no idea how to re-compile. :slight_smile:

tl;dr - Is there a plugin for UE4 ver 4.5 release that can be downloaded? :slight_smile:

Hi Cam,
Thanks for your input and that is a good point about releasing plugin binaries. I wasn’t sure how many developers were binary only vs building from source but we have had a fair amount of feedback that indicates the demand is out there.

I was holding off in case there were major problems with the plugin that we wanted to fix, but so far it looks good. We’re also updating our build scripts so that releasing new plugin binaries should be a one-click deal which will make it very easy to push out new builds whenever we need.

tl;dr - Yes we intend to release 4.5 shortly, and want to keep binaries up to date with engine releases.


Awesome :slight_smile:

Good to hear! Thanks for the info, 1-click build scripts sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:

A new version of the plugin has been released, version 1.05.05, which is compiled against Unreal version 4.5. It is available from the fmod download page.