voice stealing not working?

fmod designer had " steal newest" what is the equivalent in studio?

no matter how i set the macro stealing/ max instances there is no way for me to stop a sound from re-triggering when multiple instances are played. even if i set max instances to 1 cooldown to 60 seconds and stealing to ‘none’ it will just interrupt the playing event and re-trigger, is this broken or am i not doing it right?

Are you sure your game’s code is creating new instances of the event, and not recycling old ones?

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https://youtu.be/rDKBXyypAh0 heres a vid showing the problem. basically i want the sound to play on the first light and ignore the rest.

Your current method of setting the event’s Max Instances to 1 and Stealing Behavior to None is correct, and will result in the behaviour you want. The reason why you’re not seeing the effect in your game is that, as of the time of writing (June of 2017), certain changes to your FMOD Studio project do not immediately propagate to your project during live update.

In order to ensure that changes to stealing behaviour propagate to your project, you must close your game, save and rebuild your FMOD Studio project, ensure that the new built banks are copied to where your game expects them to be, then begin playing your game again.

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actually even after saving, rebuilding, pasting the banks, and restarting the game it dosnt have the correct behavior, it will always cut the previous sound even if set to ‘none’ im on version 1.08.10 and unity integration.

When you build the project, are you selecting “Build…” or “Build All Platforms…” from the menu?

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I’ve not been able to reproduce this issue while testing with FMOD Studio 1.08.10. I therefore suspect the issue must be specific t certain projects. Are you able to send us a project containing an event that exhibits the issue?

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when i build i press ctr alt b, yes i can send u the project file , where should i send it?

You can send files to support@fmod.com.

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I have the same issue. I’ve set the event macro on a mixer group to 1 voice and stealing:none. I would expect that if another event belonging to that group was invoked it would not get started. This is not the case. I am testing from FMOD. The editor and the sandbox have the same behavior. This is with 1.10.14 version of FMOD.

Thanks for the bug report! This issue has already been fixed in more recent versions of FMOD Studio.