Groups switch off, when other groups are getting louder

Hi there,
i have a funny problem which only occurs with the Unity Build. In the Editor it works fine.

i have a project with 4 groups, one with Background and Motor noises(Bus1), the voice of the main character(Bus3), Music(Bus2) and one for background talks of other people(Bus4).
Bus1 only plays when the Fader get louder than 0db, just one pixel lower it gets totally off.
Bus2 only player when the Bus1 get lower than -10db.
Bus4 seems to get no output. But i can hear all Sounds which were routed to this Bus, but i can put the fader of this Bus totally down, the Samples are hearable.

Unity Version: 2017.1.1f1
Fmod Studio: 1.09.06
Fmod Unity Package 1.09.06
Google VR Audio: 1.7.0

Hello Dennis,

This is certainly strange behaviour.

Could you check your buses to see if there are any settings for Stealing or Max Instances attached to them? Are you using the Google VR Listener in more than one place in your project?

Also, are you able to create a new blank Unity project and have the same behaviour occur?


Hi Richard,

i have just one listener in the “Main Volume” Bus.
I found out, that the problem only occurs when i have the Google VR Audio Plugin in use.
Instead now i use the fmod 3d panner and everythink works fine. Too bad, that the Google VR Audio Plugin is not working right.

Hi Dennis,

Good to hear that you found the root of the issue. We’d like to make sure there’s no bugs with the Google VR plugin so if you’re happy to provide more information on the matter, please let me know.