GVR Sounds stop playing when user looks up

We have a VR game in development and in one room where there are many sound sources, they stop playing when the user looks up. As part of the game involves the user looking straight up at something, this is obviously a big issue. I’ve played around with troubleshooting this and it doesn’t seem to happen in smaller rooms or in rooms with less sound sources.

This issue seems to also sometimes cut out all sound entirely or just some of the sounds, and in some instances it happens when the user looks up just a little bit and in others it only happens when the HMD is perfectly facing the ceiling.

This problem is happening in the editor.

Here is the most recent log we have. Sorry if it doesn’t help. I’m not familiar with all this log stuff yet.

Sorry I was meaning the logs from Unity.

Hope this helps.

I’ve double-checked this issue again. To clarify a bit more, the sound sources themselves don’t stop playing, just the room effect. With GVR, even beyond a sound’s maximum distance it will still be present in the audioroom reverb effect. When the player, however, is outside a sound source’s max distance and looks away from the sound sources in my scene (up, down, or just in the opposite direction), the reverb stops playing entirely.

The first thing I can see from the logs is that there is no FMOD Studio Listener in the scene, usually this is attached to the Camera/Player depending on your game.
Also your event AirPump_Short_Release2 should not be audible as it is not getting it’s position set using set3DAttributes().

I will look into the GVR and room reverb a bit more.

Yea this listener issue seems to be a bug from using VRTK. There is most definitely a listener on the player but that error consistently pops up.

The AirPump audio issue has also been another confusing item although it doesn’t seem to be causing any harm in the end. That event is not used anywhere in the project but throws errors all the time and if I delete the event from the FMOD project the PhysSound engine stops working entirely. Have no idea what’s going on there…

In the Unity console window it will show these warnings, as well as the callstack, which will tell you exactly what scripts are causing them.

Any progress on this issue? I haven’t had any luck getting it to go away.

Can you share the log file/s that show the errors you have mentioned?

Are you able to attach the output logs for a build when this happens? Using the logging libs if possible.

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If it didn’t pop up as an error in the last logs I sent then I don’t know what would change if I send them again. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with this level of troubleshooting. I’m not getting any errors when this problem occurs, it just happens.

Sorry the fact that the post with the file was removed threw me off.
What version of FMOD are you using?

1.09.08. I just saw that there has been an update, although, with my project mostly finished except for this issue, I’m hesitant to upgrade at this stage.

If you are almost finished and don’t urgently need the features then I wouldn’t update to a new major version.

I’m unable to reproduce the issue you are seeing.
Recording a Studio Profiler session may be able to shed some more light what is happening. Feel free to send a copy of the Profiler session or game to support@fmod.com and we can see what we can find.