Volume increase on scene change

This problem is driving me bananas. I have a singleton class that streams music because I want music to continue between scenes. The knob for music (or bus or vca, i tried it all) is set to -10db. Works fine in the first scene, but when switching to next scene the volume automatically increases.

Checking getVolume() always fetches 1. I kept thinking that it’s my code somewhere, but I pretty much ruled out anything it could be, so I’m thinking either a bug or I’m just not understanding how volume is supposed to work.


GetVolume() and SetVolume() on Events and Buses does not retrieve or set the fader level. It modifies a separate internal gain parameter that is multiplied against the fader level from the tool.

It sounds like you could be unloading the master bank during level change which would break the bus hierarchy for any existing events and result in incorrect levels.

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Thank you so much!!! That was exactly it. I kept the bank with the music but reloaded master bank. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help!