Volume slider issue

There are strange inconsistencies in the volume sliders that my programmer has made.

Video here: FrankenStorm_h4rB5u5fX6.mp4

In FMOD, I simply have made several VCA sliders and routed the group channels to these VCA’s.

As you can see in the video, each slider is inconsistent.

This is the code:
_volumeMasterId = RuntimeManager.GetVCA(“vca:/Master”);
_volumeSfxId = RuntimeManager.GetVCA(“vca:/SFX”);
_volumeUIId = RuntimeManager.GetVCA(“vca:/UI”);
_volumeVoiceId = RuntimeManager.GetVCA(“vca:/Dialogue”);
_volumeMusicId = RuntimeManager.GetVCA(“vca:/Music”);
_volumeAmbienceId = RuntimeManager.GetVCA(“vca:/Ambience”);

        _volumeMasterId.setVolume(_localData.VolumeMaster * 0.01f);
        _volumeSfxId.setVolume(_localData.VolumeSfx * 0.01f);
        _volumeUIId.setVolume(_localData.VolumeUI * 0.01f);
        _volumeVoiceId.setVolume(_localData.VolumeVoice * 0.01f);
        _volumeMusicId.setVolume(_localData.VolumeMusic * 0.01f);
        _volumeAmbienceId.setVolume(_localData.VolumeAmbience * 0.01f);

This is a screen shot of FMOD:


Thank you for the video.

Could you explain what the intended behavior is for the sliders? Should the interaction sounds change with the sliders or remain consistent?

Just to confirm the _localData is the values being returned from the sliders?

The intended behaviour: the interaction sound should change in volume to match the volume of the slider. So if the slider is close to 0, then you should barely be able to hear the sound. If the slider is near max, then you should hear it loud and clear. The master volume should be factored into this. The problem that the video shows is that the volumes are not acting consistently:

  • the master volume slider is not having its volume change for some reason
  • the interface volume slider does get louder and quieter, but is overall much quieter than the others, even when it and master are at full volume

Regarding _localData , yes that is indeed the values being returned from the sliders, which ranges from 0 to 100.

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Thank you for the explanation. the issue may be with the scaling you are using with the sliders. I would suggest using the function VCA::getVolume() (FMOD Engine | Studio API Reference - VCA) to make sure that the values are what you expect.

The Volume does not have a linear scale, so the difference between 1 - 0.5 is less than you will hear compared to 0.5 - 0. Try changing the min and max values of the sliders to find the right range.

Have you connected FMOD Studio | Live Update, it will allow you to change the VCA values as well during runtime to get the values right.

Hope this helps!

Hey thanks for reaching out.

I understand scaling can be an issue…However, all the scaling is set the same for each slider, so there shouldn’t be inconsistent differences in the audio clicks for each slider?

As you can hear in the video, each sub slider is different… and it shouldn’t be.

For example, you can hear that “interface” and “music” are quieter than the other sub sliders.

And of course, the most obvious and worse issue is the master slider, which doesn’t even change volume at all as you slide up and down.

Once again, these have all been set to the same value and scaling, so I would expect it all to sound the same from min to max, should it not?


Would it be possible to get your FMOD Studio project package with the following settings:

uploaded to your profile to test on my side? Please note you will have to register a project with us to be able to upload.

Yes, it may be the way the VCA’s hierarchy is influencing the volumes. It will help being able to have a look at the project to identify the issue.

Cool, thanks for that.

Ive sent a project request.

I just realised you asked for a website… I gave my own personal music website.
However, upon reflection, I imagine you were probably wanting a website of the game itself??
If so, we don’t have a website, rather a download link to a pitch deck PDF.
You can also search ‘Frankenstorm TD’ in Steam if you want to see the trailer, info etc…

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Your account has been verified and you should now be able to upload the project.

Thank you for the information.

cool, uploaded!

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Thank you for the project. Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue. The only sliders that influenced the UI_ClickSlider event volume for me were the MasterandUI`. Have you had a chance to connect Live Update and check that the behavior is as you expect on that side? Are the sliders only affecting the VCAs you’d expect them to?

I have dm’d you the test project I set up along with the code I used to see if this is the functionality you were looking for.

Hey, thanks, yeah I’ve sent a reply back with details from my programmer, if you have a chance to check.

In regards to the slider behaving on my end in FMOD, I checked that out, I can’t see any visible changes to the sliders themselves, are the sliders supposed to move in conjunction with me sliding the sliders in Unity whilst in Liveconnect?

I can, however, hear the changes being made as I move the sliders in Unity.
I can see they are effecting the appropriate submaster channels, I can also see the blip, blip blip sound is coming through the sub channels…

But yeah, the inconsistencies of course still there

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No, you will not see the sliders changing in the Mixer.

I have noticed there are spatializers on the ClickSlider events, is there a specific reason for this?

I also noticed there are different effects on some of the busses e.g. Submaster_Music has its Fader set to -5.50 dB and a compressor. These may be factors influencing the audibility of the ClickSlider events.

Thanks for the extra info.