Bus volume linear vs logarithmic

I’m setting my volume using FMOD_Studio_VCA_SetVolume() and it seems to be logarithmic rather than linear (or maybe the other way around). I’m using this function when the player sets volume and while it’s probably technically correct, it’s not what user/players expect. Volume of 0.10 sounds like it’s only 1/2 of full volume where as it should be barely audible (from a players perspective).

Is there a formula I should send “player volume” through to get “FMOD volume” so if they have the game UI volume slider at 50%, it should sound 1/2 as loud?

It appears that VCA::setVolume() is linear but can be set outside the range 0-1, which we’ll look into fixing it for a future release.

My testing has VCA’s set to 0.10 does make it sound quiet but depending on how loud your event is, you may need to set the VCA to 0.01 instead to get the result you’re looking for, maybe using a function to treat the slider like percentages?