Created Sound settings with volume sliders. There is a volume jump when I move the Unity slider

I created 3 volume sliders in Unity as sound settings and connected them to VCA faders in FMOD with a script. The volume of the music, for example, starts with low volume when you start the scene. I try to check if my slider is working and I move the slider from full position to lower yet when I touch it there is a permanent volume jump in the music. A lower position in the slider is actually louder than the volume the music had when I pressed ‘play’. I don’t know which volume is the normal one. All my faders in FMOD are on 0.

Probably your scale isn’t right. If I remember correctly, values which has to be used are between 0 (silence, -inf in FMOD) and 1 (normal volume, 0dB in FMOD), with a logarithmic scale.