Volume values from Designer

Designer’s volume range is -60dB to 0dB while Studio’s range is -80dB to +10dB. It seems unlikely that the dynamic range has actually been altered so I imagine that it’s simply the granularity of control that’s been increased which would make Designer’s -60dB equal to Studio’s -80dB and 0dB = +10dB. Is this correct? If so it would follow that -8dB in Designer does not equal -8dB in Studio, so how does it translate? Is there a guide or formula on how volumes translate from Designer to Studio?

Or is it the case that it truly is a 1:1 translation but Studio gives the ability to boost the volume of a sample +10dB above its full sample volume (like many DAW’s) and simply increased the granularity below -60dB to allow for better control?


Your second guess is correct: Studio does, in fact, offer the ability to boost the volume of audio, and allows more extreme ducking as well. When importing Designer projects into Studio, the values of volume settings will be preserved exactly: An automation point at -7.04 dB will be imported as an automation point at -7.04 dB, as you would expect. The exception to this is volumes at -60 dB, which are converted to -80 dB, since we assume that if you wanted the maximum amount of attenuation in Designer, you’ll probably want it in Studio, as well.