Issue with Volume Levels of Imported WAV Files

Ive been noticing as I try to import WAV files at 24 Bit, 96 kHz, the asset is being imported into FMOD at a slightly lower volume than the asset is playing back at in my DAW? I cant seem to figure out which FMOD setting would be causing this.

Where in FMOD Studio are you auditioning the assets? Depending on the context in which you audition assets, there may be additional processing being applied to those assets. For example, if you audition an event containing an asset, that asset’s signal will be processed by any effects in the signal chains of that event and the buses into which that event is routed.

Hey joesph.

In this case Im just ‘auditioning’ the asset from within the FMOD Assets browser, which I guess is the same as the Audio Bin?

And assets are coming in often a dB or so lower than the exported assets from my DAW, very strange.

That does sound strange. The volume of assets auditioned in the assets browser should match that in your DAW.

What DAW are you using? And what method or tool are you using to measure the volume of the auditioned assets?