Weird sound behaviour when using auto distance parameter in dedicated server

Hello guys, I’m using UE 4.19 integrated with FMOD.
Recently I encounter a very weird behaviour with FMOD playing events.
So what I do is just to play an instance locally when the player press a key. So I use PlayEventAtLocation and play at the player location. The event Im using has a different sound depending on the distance from the player to the listener.
For example, if A triggers the sound, then A hear X sound while B hear Y sound. It works fine on the network side. However on the client side, when A triggers the sound, A hears Y sound (this event is executed locally so I expect it to have local behaviour) but when B triggers the sound, B hears X sound (correct behaviour).
Note that X sound is played for the player and Y sound for the listener. In my case, when there are 2 clients, first client as a player receives Y sound instead. If I have 3 clients, then 1 and 2 will receive Y sound while 3 receives X sound.
Hope I explain it properly guys. Thanks for reading and hoping to get help soon.

Are you able to share your source code or blueprints for how you are implementing this?

Here you go. Simple as this :

How are you separating the player and the listener in game?

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Sorry for the late reply, can you elaborate more on your question ? For what I’m understanding then I just moved the second player to a random distance away from the listern (first player)

Apologies, I misunderstood the use of player/listener.

It is sounding like the parameter value being set may be incorrect.
Is there any chance you would be able to send us a small project that reproduces this that we could use to debug? Otherwise I am happy to help you do it.