Weird Volume problem

We have 3 songs in our Unity game. We have balanced the volume for all 3 songs to have the same output volume. When we play each song in FMOD the volumes are very similar.
We put the 3 songs into our game and in our audio manager we have the volume for all 3 set to the same value.
Here is where it gets weird.
When I play the game, song 1 volume is normal, song 2 volume is now 30 -40% louder than song 1, song 3 volume is about 20% louder than song 1.

The other developer has the same version of the game, when he plays the game, song 1 volume is normal, song 2 volume is about 20-30% quieter than song 1, song 3 volume is about 50% quieter that song 1. (WHAAAAAATT is going on!!! too weird)

Has anyone else experienced anything like this. Please help we are trying to release our game and we don’t know what to do about our song volumes.!!

Hello does anyone have any experience like this?

The issue you describe is definitely unusual, and hasn’t been reported by anyone else.

The most likely thing I can think of is that your song events might be spatialized. Most forms of spatialization attenuate the volume of an event instance based on its distance form the listener, which may account for the variation in volume that you’re experiencing.

Do the three events feature spatializing effects? Such effects are most often found on the event’s master track, but may be in the signal chain of any track, and spatialize any audio routed through them.

Do the three events feature scatterer instruments anywhere? Scatterer instruments automatically spatialize single instruments in their playlists unless you use a method to prevent them from doing so.

Very good observation on the spatializing being a potential problem. I will check this out and report back.

Thank you