Problem with volume Fmod / Unity / DAW


I work on a project since few years. We passed on Fmod 2.01 recently. Since that point, i have a very strange problem. The overall volume in fmod is much more lower than before. So in my daw and in unity, everything is fine. On the other hand, in Fmod, the listening level is much too low whereas above all everything was going well. I looked in the sound settings (ASIO etc) and nothing changes. There are two of us in the team and my colleague has the same problem. Any ideas?

Thank you

If you audition assets using the preview at the bottom of the audio bin, is the volume still low? Or is it only low when you audition events?

the volum of the assets in the preview is OK. When we listen our events, we have low volum. When we passed on unity, we have the right volum too.

we put -15 db for each event in order to have a normal volume in unity. The only problem is that our fmod events are too low. To mix it’s hell.

There’s a lot of places were volume can be set, so there’s lots of way to mess up…
Here’s an exemple showing 7 different layers of volume all impacting an unique sound asset. With nested instruments and more complex routing, you can even imagine more levels.

1: Volume of the multi-instrument entry
2: Volume of the multi-instrument
3: Volume of the track
4: Volume of the master track

5-6-7: Volume of all the busses in the routing chain, from the lower to the master (exemple taken from the highlighted event)

Not to mention other modifiers, such as:

  • some effets (“gain” or “limiter”, for instance)
  • the impact of the spatializer (I came up once with a spatializer mistakenly duplicated on the instrument track, as well as on the master track)
  • automation on 1, 2, 3… to 7, or on effects
  • snapshots on 5, 6 or 7, or on bus effects
  • VCAs

Thank you for the reply. I just find our problem. We have a problem with the master. It’s much better now :). See you

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