What is growBuffer?

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Can anyone explain to me in human words what ‘grow buffer’ is? I get this warning: ‘’[FMOD] AsyncCommandBuffer::growBuffer : Growing command buffer to 65536 bytes. Initial command buffer size can be tuned to avoid dynamic growth using Studio::System::setAdvancedSettings()‘’ and have no idea what it means.
On this here forum I read a thread with someone asking the same question, but the only answer he/she got was how to change the growing buffer size, and not what it actually is.
I get this warning with only 42 instances created and only 3 instances playing.

Can anyone explain what I could be doing wrong since I get this warning?

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What this warning is telling you is that the studio system is receiving more commands than it can currently keep track of. As a result, it is having to expand the command buffer to keep track of everything. That is the growBuffer warning.

Any number of those 42 instances may be sending commands to the system at any one time, even if they are not playing. This accumulates to lots of commands being sent to the system. To accommodate for the influx of commands the buffer will grow.

To avoid dynamically expanding the list, you can explicitly set the size of the buffer. Although, this will take up more memory. The easiest way to avoid this warning is limiting the number of instances hanging around while they are not playing.

If you’re interested in a deeper explanation of how the Studio System process commands it can be read under FMOD API | Studio System Processing.

Hope this explains things!

Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated!
Is there anyway to get a list of said commands?

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A full list of the commands and their uses can be found under Studio API Reference | Studio::System.