What is Magnet Region for?

Hey Friends,

i am sitting together with my colleague and we try to find a use case for a magnet region.
Do you have any best uses or can you point me to some more information in the world wide web

have a wonderfull day and thank you so much :*

A magnet region is the reverse of a transition region: If a transition region tells the timeline playback position to “go over there,” a magnet region tells it to “come over here.”

As for a use-case… Imagine you wanted to make an event in which the timeline was divided up into multiple sections, and you wanted to be able to jump from any section to any other section.

With magnet markers, you could simply create one magnet region for each timeline section, and assign them appropriate trigger conditions.

To make the same event without magnet markers, you’d have to use transition regions and destination regions. To start with, you’d need one destination region for each section. You’d also need a number of transition regions equal to the number of timeline sections times two (so that you could have one transition region leading to a section on either side of that section), minus two (because you don’t need a transition region leading to the leftmost section to the left of the leftmost section, nor a transition region leading to the rightmost section to the right of the rightmost section). You’d then need to assign each transition region appropriate trigger conditions.

Magnet markers make this kind of event a lot easier to make.

thank you joseph, it makes totally sense now :slight_smile: