Why masterGroup->setMute doesn't work?

This method doesn’t work in channel_groups examples lowlevel.
It doesn’t work before.I download the 1.2.5 version recently and find it still doesn’t work.
So I create a proxy channelgroup and add to masterchannelgroup ,other groups add to this proxy channelgroup to solve the problem.This can be work.
I’m not sure if this is a bug,but how can I fix it?

Hi there,
This is a bug, the final dsp node isnt being processed currently, ie if it has a volume or callback on it, i’m fixing this right now and will get a new release up ASAP. Adding everything to a child channelgroup (ie your proxy) would solve the issue for now like you say.

I always wonder why no one ever said this problem,so I said.
It looks like you have already noticed it.
I’m looking forward to seeing this problem be solved.

1.02.07 is out now with that fix in it.