You know what would be awesome... if the spatializer had a built in low pass filter that matched the attenuation curve

A lot of the time, keeping in mind im a noob, the spatializer really lacks any real feeling of distance.

Imagine how amazing it would be, if spatializers came with a built in filter that matches the same curve as your spatializer!

Honestly it would save me hours and hours setting up parameters that do the same thing. Also there’s the possibility for some really cool experimental sounds and environments

here’s the part where some amazing genius tells me something like this already exists.

I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen.

The spatializer effect does not have a built-in lowpass filter, because many games do not use one, and adding one would increase the resource cost of the spatializer effect for all games, even the games that do not want it.

If you want to attach a lowpass filter to a spatializer effect so that you can treat them as a single effect and have them both use the same min and max distance values, FMOD Studio allows you to do that: Create a preset effect chain containing a spatializer effect and a lowpass filter effect, and automate the cutoff property of the lowpass filter effect on a distance (normalized) parameter.

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