1.09.06 Multi Sound playing 2 sounds at the same time - Bug?


I’ve recently upgraded to version 1.09.06 and have noticed that a Multi Sound that contains more than one sound will sometimes play 2 of those sounds at the same time. Is this a bug? I don’t remember this happening in previous versions.

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I’m afraid I haven’t yet been able to reproduce this issue, and so haven’t been able to determine the cause. Are you able to send us a copy of the event that exhibits the bug?

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Here’s a screen capture of the event being looped. It seems it will play only 1 sound the first time it is triggered and then it will play 2 sounds for the following cycles.

I am still unable to reproduce the issue you describe, but I might still be missing important details of your event. I can see that the sound module you’re using is asynchronous, but what are its other properties when you view it in the deck?
Also, are you able to send us a copy of the event in question? The issue might only occur with certain assets.

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Here’s the project with this event only:


I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior. It appears to be a previously-undiscovered bug that affects sound modules on the timeline that are extremely short. I’ve added it to our bug/feature tracker, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

In the mean time, you can work around this issue by simply extending your instruments to be at least 300 ms long.


Got it, that solved the issue! Thank you very much.

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