Multi Sound playing multiple sounds at once?

Hi there,

Occasionally with my multi sounds the event is triggering several, sometimes ALL of the sounds I have loaded into it.

Does anyone know what the problem might be here?

I’m using .ogg files and in the particular event I’m working on today there are 6 channels of “Multi Sounds” with several duplicates on each channel for retriggering/reselecting samples.

This also happens in a much simpler event where there is only one channel with only four triggers in there.

With a delicate soundtrack this is becoming quite a mess hahaha.

Thanks for reading/helping! If you need any more info, please ask.


Also, it should be noted that some of the times the events are triggered again the current sound might only be halfway through playback. I intended this to happen but it might have something to do with my problem?

What do you mean by ‘channel’? Do you mean 6 Audio tracks? Are the sounds triggered on the timeline or a parameter? It sounds like your game code could be causing the excess triggering, i’d recommend hooking the fmod profiler up to the game, and clicking the dark box at the top related to ‘voices’ and ‘instances’.

If you are triggering a sound box very quickly and the sounds layer up a lot, then you can limit that by expanding the trigger behaviour tab for the multi-sound and adjusting polyphony/stealing behaviour.



Yeah, you’re on the money. 6 audio tracks. I’m only testing this within FMOD at the moment so it won’t have anything to do with game code. The sounds are triggered on a timeline and I think it’ll probably help adjusting the polyphony/stealing behaviour like you suggest. I haven’t touched that yet and it’s currently set to Stealing: “Oldest” and Polyphony: “Infinite”.

I’ll try scaling them down all the way and report back. Thanks so much for your help, Brett!

If a single multisound box is on the timeline, then it should only trigger one sound from the multisound (unless its actually a scatterer sound?) then you should just hear 1 sound play once. (and as long as the loop button on the sound is not ticked).

The footsteps example basically does this. It plays one footstep every time you hit play on the event. What is different in your case? (in the case you said only had 1 track)


Hey Brett, sorry for such a slow response. It’s been mental recently.

I have 6 audio tracks with multiple (probably up to 15 on some of the audio tracks) multi sounds in each one at different intervals on the timeline. These all have about 4 audio samples in them each. Each of which are set to loop (until retriggered by another multi sound in that audio track). I mentioned before also that some of these multi sound retriggers occur when a sample is only halfway through it’s playback.

Definitely a mess but also definitely what I wanted and, finally, definitely fixed by your suggestion of adjusting the polyphony.

Thank you so much! It’s no longer such a mess.