2.02 Early access & UE4 plugin version

Hi, it seems the UE4 plugin for 2.02.00 early access is not updated in your downloads section. It’s using the 2.01.06 version of the plugin, which has issues with uasset tracking as seen in another thread.

Is there an update to the UE4 plugin for 2.02.00 coming soon that brings it up to 2.01.09+? Is 2.02.00 compatible with the UE4 2.01.09 plugin?

Yeah, the new 2.02 UE4 Integration uplugin seems to not have had its version updated. Could we please have an answer to whether this 2.02 integration has the fixes from 2.01.09 or not?

Well that’s embarrassing. The version number in the .uplugin file was not updated. All the other files are definitely 2.02.00 and definitely do include the fixes from 2.01.09. If you open the .uplugin file in a text editor and manually fix those version numbers, all will be well.

Also, we’ve worked out the hole in our process that allowed this to happen and will fix it so it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you for clarifying Andrew!