Engine upgrade, lost events

Upgraded from 4.25 to 4.27, got the 4.27 plugin of the same version we used on the 4.25 (2.01.12) yet it fails to load anything. http://thegames.dev/snaps/UE4Editor-Win64-DebugGame_5QnJLdJ9pT.png as seen here, and this is for all assets.

Any idea what i done wrong?

This sounds related to the issue mentioned in the docs about Updating to UE4.26 which ought to include UE4.27 now that that’s been released. But I’m guessing you’ve closed and reopened since then and it’s still failing to load anything?

Yes i have tried multiple things to fix it. Except a fresh import.

I have been unable to reproduce this issue, can you please confirm your upgrade process resembles the following?

  1. Opened your project in UE4.27 as a new copy
  2. Waited for the old plugin to build, and stopping due to an error with the plugin version
  3. Deleted the plugin from the new project and moved the new plugin into the project
  4. Reopened the project, hit the “Fix” button that FMOD prompts you about
  5. Go to Help>Validate FMOD

Hopefully the validation step will give you some more warnings about what’s going wrong. Are you getting anything in the Output Log?