2.02.xx version keep crashed when i just create a new project

I already have multiple versions fmod, now install a new version fmod 2.02.13 , then create a new project , just create a new event or click some item , fmod gone crashed. The last log line is
“QPaintDevice: Cannot destroy paint device that is being painted …”
*Compared to other versions, I found that my new installed fmod 2.02.13 lost this file “…/plugins/qtwebengine/ffmpegsumo.dll”
Is that the reason of crashing?


The QPaintDevice warning is unlikely to be an issue at all, and as far as I’m aware FMOD Studio hasn’t shipped with ffmpegsumo.dll for quite some time (i.e. since 2.00.xx), so that’s also unlikely to be the cause. If possible, could I get you to tell me:

  • Your OS and OS version
  • A short series of steps that reproduce the crash for you

Also, do you receive a dialog when the crash occurs that prompts you to report what you were doing in FMOD Studio at the time? If so, could you please fill out the dialog, using the same email/username you use for this forum? It’ll allow me to more easily track down the cause of the crash.

Sorry, my description is not accurate, is no response not crash, so i don’t receive any dialog, just can’t do anything. I found that during this unresponsive process, fmod memory usage increased dramatically.
My os is Windows10 , 10.0.18363 a internal enterprise version
not too typical of operated steps: create a new project → ctrl+0 open console → create default 2D timeline event → open mixer routing → no response

Fortunately, i found this reason, fmod conflicts with another application, just close this application, fmod work well. none of Fmod’s business.
Thank you very much for your serious answer.

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