3 Reaper scripts for Adaptative Music!

Hello Everyone! I am still learning FMOD, and I am loving it, by the way thanks to the people at this forum for answering me when I need :smiley: .

Well I know REAPER is kinda being a dear DAW between audio for games. And it is the DAW I use for composing as well. So I decided to make 3 reascripts for adaptative music techniques. The techniques are Layers, Horizontal Sequences, Alternations. The goal of the scripts is that I can compose and try these inside REAPER, before bringing the audios to fmod. Saving me from going back and forth between REAPER and fmod to try the techniques, for somethings I will still need to try at fmod, like transitions timelines.

Here is the link to the forum :

And for the videos series: