3D position not updated on oneshot event

Using the Studio Event Emitter I am triggering footsteps of an NPC, when the character starts walking the footsteps sound as if they’re played always from the starting position of the character, as if the transform is not being updated. When I put a faux-looping region in the event editor timeline and update the banks this problem seizes to exist. Basically I can not get any one shot to move. Someone experiencing the same symptoms posted something similar back in 2005, which was responded to with that this issue will be fixed in the next update, so I must be missing something somewhere. Any directions?
Help is much appreciated, since I can’t seem to find the right documentation for this yet.


What version of FMOD and Unity are you using?

FMOD 2.00.02
Unity 2019.1.2f1

Can you share how you are triggering the footsteps through the Studio Event Emitter?