FMOD Events that contain Snapshots / subevents or instruments with loops are considered Loops (not Oneshots) in Unity


seen in versions 2.02.04, 2.01.14, as well as 2.01.11
(i THINK bug was NOT present in 2.01.09)


  • create a simple event that contains a snapshot (see screenshot)
  • in code ask for the property .IsOneshot → will return “false”
    → for both eventDescription.isOneshot(out isOneshot)
    → and EventManager.EventFromPath("x/x/path").IsOneShot

which is imho not correct.

Bug also happenes when an event has a nested event that is a loop, but is set to Cut and played only once in base event, see screenshot.
the Nested event is just an empty loop, but in the base event it is just played once.

and one more. bug ALSO applies when i just have a single instrument in it, and this instrument is set to loop - but event will still just play as a oneshot of course.

this can lead to a lot of light and heavy errors, since of course loops need a different treatment than oneshots.

a timely fix for this is highly appreciated, thank you very much!

This has been addressed in our upcoming release (2.01.15+). You can sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date when new versions have been released.