3D-Positions of sounds messed up in build / some not audible


I’m currently implementing some sounds for a little side-scroller game, where you can move the character (a robot) through a small level.

In the Unity editor, everything works flawlessly. The objects in this level have Studio Event Emitters attached to them. Because the robot has so many different sounds, I didn’t use a Studio Event Emitter here, instead I load the sounds as EventInstances and let them follow the robot with “set3DAttributes (roboTransform)”, which I call in each update cycle.

So far so good, but when I build the game (Desktop) and start the application, everything is messed up. The object sounds somehow disappeared or are not audible at all, and the robot sounds don’t follow the robot anymore. Instead, they are all positioned in the middle of the level, which is really strange. When I play the game, I hear nothing at first, and when I move the robot for some time, I slowly can hear the sounds. But only in the left ear, as if they are panned to the left. When the robot has passed a certain point, all sounds suddenly jump into the right ear. Then they slowly disappear again.

If someone has an explanation for this or can help me, that would be great. I’m using Unity 5.2.3 with FMOD plugin 1.07.04. I think I didn’t change any of the settings in the plugin. Speaker mode is “Stereo” and the output format of FMOD studio is also Stereo.

If no extra information is provided this question will be deleted.

I think this question can be deleted. Thank you for your efforts! I thought maybe it is a known problem or that someone could provide a quick answer. Seems like it’s not that easy, so I’d like to do some tests on my own. It’s just a student project, so it’s not that important, but it’s still quite strange… Anyway, thanks again for your help.

Oh, I just noticed that I’m working with FMOD Studio 1.06. Is it necessary to use 1.07? I could try to switch to the new version.

I’ve tested a simple use case similar to what you describe and it worked in a stand alone build for me.

Can you provide more information, or a copy of your Unity project.

has there been a solution for this yet? I to have the issue where i am manually setting the sound position with set3DAttributes (targetPos) every update call for sounds to be emitted from my 3rd person character and it runs fine in editor but when it gets build the sounds are struck to position (0,0,0) and will not update their position

Hi Matthew, have you checked your Speaker Mode in the Integration settings matches what is set in the tool. Are you able to send us a copy of your Unity project to reproduce the issue.