No 3D sounds are playing in build, allthough they play in Unity editor

Hi guys, I have an big issue with 3D sounds in my build. Like the title says I cant hear 3D sounds in build allthough I can hear them in unity editor. I did check all logs, nothing fmod related in there. In FMOD studio debug I saw that it is opening a new channel but dB is not changing.

Sometimes I get the same issue in unity editor if I build the project before.

I have no idea what else I can try to do :frowning:

Edit: I did find out that the distance is the issue. But I don’t get why this happens. It seems like the distance between my player and the sound is too far. But this isnt the case!

In this case, why don’t you simply increase the Max Distance in the event spatializer, to match the distances sent by the game to FMOD? (the max distance is the point where the sound won’t be heard anymore, if attenuation is on)

This makes me lose the distance attenuation. It sounds the same all the time then.

Is the listener’s position correctly set on the player?

It is currently set on camera. But it doesn’t change the outcome if I set it on my player. I did already test this.

Did you check if the 3D attributes (coordinates) are correctly sent to FMOD and correspond to what you expect? (maybe by checking this with liveupdate/profiler)

Do you mean the position of PlayOneShot()?

I mean, whatever function you use in Unity, it would be great to check what coordinates FMOD receives, this could help the debug. You could achieve this by connecting FMOD Studio with liveupdate, record a profiler session and check the API calls. You’ll find “set3DAttributes” calls, with the received coordinates. You can even “see” how far is the event from the emitter in the little overview window.

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Thanks a lot! So we did figure out that we had 2 audio listeners, one inside our UI and one on the camera. The UI listener did cause the issue! I’ts still strange acting because it did works in Editor but not in build. Anyways, thanks a lot and have a great day!

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