3D Preview issues (3D Panner conflict)

I seem to be running into problems with the 3D Preview tool/window in Studio. Sometimes it would not scale its range to the distance set in the Master track, and it would drop the sound’s volume to zero even if you drag the preview position just a few pixels off center.


Turns out that if there is a FMOD 3D Panner in an event nested within an event, it causes some kinds of conflicts. I guess you shouldn’t have 3D Panned events embedded within 3D Panned events? But maybe you’ll want to show a warning or take this into account somehow, because it took me a while to figure out what on earth is going on. :slight_smile:

Or, if you should be able to have 3D panned stuff inside 3D panned stuff, maybe the parent<->child relationhip gets translated wrong.

Hi Peter,

We’ll fix the nested event bug and others for release 1.1.2. Yes, that bug makes it very confusing! You can put 3D panners on nested events but these will respond to the master Event’s position. The 3D preview is still in very early stages but we are planning to develop it over the next few minor releases and there will be a clearer indication of what Events you are controlling!


(Edit) We releases 1.1.2 earlier than originally planned so it will be in next week’s release.