3D sound position very narrow (almost 2D)


I’m working on a 2D side-scroller, and some of the events are 3D (so they can “pan” around the screen, according to the emitter position). The listener is on the camera.

My problem is that the L/R variation of the sound is very small: even when the emitter is on on of the sides of the screen, it sounds in the middle (very little volume variation between L/R).

In FMOD everything seems okay: the Spatializer configs are working fine, and when I do the 3D preview everything sounds okay: moving the white arrow to the sides make the event sound very wide towards L or R.

The problem seems to be in some config in Unity, but I need to have an idea about what it is to talk with the programmer. I have a feeling that it might be the distance between the emitters and the listener (camera)? But it’s just a guess.

Any ideas? Does anyone had this problem already?

Thanks a lot in advance!

So, I have an answer to this.

With the great, great help of Kaue Lemos, I was able to check the distance (adding the built in Distance parameter to a 3D event, and using a build with Live Update enabled), and, apparently, it’s too big (not small, which makes totally sense knowing this now).

The event is playing at a distance of 181 (out of 1000 - since when I put 0-100 it was at 100, so I decided to put 0-1000 to see what happened and it indicated 181), which means the listener is too far away from the emitters, making the 3D effect very narrow (imperceptible, almost).

The solution will be to change de listener to a closer position. Let’s see how ti goes. :slight_smile:

Hi Mauricio,

The way Unity handles 2D games means the camera (the usual place for the listener) may not actually be “close” to the game objects that have the event instances attached. Like you’ve already done, you’ll want to adjust the distance settings of your spatializer.


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Hey, Richard!

Thanks for your response.

The problem was that the listener was so far away, that even adjusting my spatializer settings didn’t work. Now we’re moving taking the listener out of the camera, and moving it closer to the game objects. Let see how that works out :slight_smile: