About Program Instrument

I have an .ogg sound effect. It plays normally through single instrument and the sound is stereo.Everything is normal.
I have the same audio file played using Program Instrument.
The code is copied from programmer_sound.cpp in the examples.
I feel the sound coming out is monophonic. Do I need to pass in any parameters when creating createSound?

Can anyone help me answer this.Thanks


If you’re using an unmodified version of the programmer_sound.cpp example, it should be using the “event:/Character/Dialogue” event found in the examples FMOD Studio project. This event has a spatializer, which can affect the stereo image of the signal based on distance, even if the event instance isn’t panned. If the spatializer is upmixing to match your project’s speaker format, it can also affect the stereo image that way as well.

Try bypassing the spatializer effect and seeing whether stereo image is as you expect.

My studio project is my own, and I did not place the spatializer effect on the event.
But his voice has also become mono. Do I want to apply a spatializer effect to the event?
Does the program come with 3D effects?

Secondly, I used the same code in the h5 wasm version of fmod, and the following error occurred when creatingSound, but it can be played on other platforms.
code show as below:

// Find the audio file in the audio table with the key
ERRCHECK( context->system->getSoundInfo(context->dialogueString.c_str(), &info) );
FMOD::Sound* sound = NULL;
ERRCHECK( context->coreSystem->createSound(info.name_or_data, FMOD_LOOP_NORMAL | FMOD_CREATECOMPRESSEDSAMPLE | FMOD_NONBLOCKING | info.mode, &info.exinfo, &sound) );

The error is as follows:
FMOD error 68 - A command issued was not supported by this object. Possibly a plugin without certain callbacks specified.

How should I solve this problem? The bank has been successfully loaded.

If you’re using the reduced version of the FMOD libs for HTML5, note that codec support for most formats is removed, including .ogg - see the Codec Support section of the HTML5 platform-specific docs for more info.

If you don’t have a spatializer in the event, it’s still possible that something further along in the event’s signal chain or mixer could affect the stereo image. That said, if the audio file is playing as expected in when you use it as a placeholder for the programmer instrument in FMOD Studio, I would expect it to do the same at run time.

Does the issue reproduce when you have an event with a programmer instrument inside an FMOD Studio project that is otherwise completely empty? Could I get you to upload the audio file you’re using so I can test it on my end?