Access to Sound Size and Min Extent of 3d sounds from Blueprints

Some time ago we gained access from Blueprints to Min & Max Distance and we can set it to fit custom scenarios. However, this seems to be very incomplete without possibility to set Sound Size and Min Extent. I know that I can automate it through parameters but it’s very inconvenient and can cause lot’s of mess for many people.

When can we expect these values to be exposed to Blueprints?


Min and max distances are exposed in the FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_PROPERTY definition. That’s why you can see those in blueprints.

As you’ve mentioned, the way to expose the Sound Size is to automate them with parameters.

Thanks for… replaying what I said so I’ll ask again: are there any plans to make it available without automating Min Extent and Sound Size with parameters? Present solution can produce lots of mess in larger projects.

I have put it into our tracker and we’ll consider it for a future release.