Changing 3D sounds distance of instances issues (2.00.03)

I’m trying to use setProperty(FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_PROPERTY_MAXIMUM_DISTANCE (and MIN) to change sound instance distance/range. It changes distance, but it doesn’t scale envelopment (so If I for example reduce distance a lot, sound basically is always 2D) and also doesn’t scale “Distance” parameter curves. This scaling used to work in Fmod Ex and it could be really nice if it could work also in Studio, even at cost of reduced performance.

Please take this issue seriously, possibility to adjust sounds range is really important in games.
Now I cannot use “distance” parameter or envelopment (sound size), because only distance attenuation/volume is scaled right now with distance

We would expect setProperty to match what changing min/max in the UI does, when envelopment mode is set to auto its value is derived from min distance.

Changing min/max distance won’t have any effect on automatic distance automations because they are in absolute units, not normalized with respect to min/max.

Anyway I wish “disance” params could scale with sound like in previous Fmod Ex…
I could create my own 3d pan curves or lowpass for example more air absorpbtion when player is in fog…
can you somehow at least allow to change sound size and extend so I can adjust them by myself when I change sound attenuation ranges?

You can automate the size and extent if the Envelopment is set to user.

I thing easiest solution could be if you allow adjust global “auto” settings for envelopment. Because my problem is on “auto” sound is becoming point source too quickly, thats why I in 99% cases use “user”.