How to make ENTIRE Multi instrument to play at random times

Currently the multi instrument is set to playing random, and on loop. It is constantly playing random audio.
But for ambient soundscape purposes, I want there to be some randomized space inbetween each time it plays.

Is this possible?

What do you mean by random? Not each time? Each time but for a random duration?

Like, instead of looping instantly, continuously, I want random gaps of silence between each play… and because this multi instrument is stretched across the entire timeline, the “probability” doesn’t work apart from when the playback cursor crosses the start of it. But because it is stretched across the entire event timeline, the probability of being triggered doesn’t work. So I have a continously looping multi instrument that I need to tone down. so instead of playing every 3 seconds, it plays every like 10 seconds. does that make sense?

I solved this by making my timeline much longer and just leaving the space in myself. derp.

You could also have put a silence instrument with a random modulator on its duration property into a multi instrument’s playlist.


If I understood what you want correctly, Scatterer Instruments should be exactly what you’re looking for.

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