Allow user to set audio format to mono

I’m building a Unity game for iOS & Android. My default speaker configuration is Stereo. I would like to add a setting to my game to play all audio as mono (in case player is deaf in one ear). What’s the best way to toggle the output between stereo & mono? Thanks!

One possible way to do this would be:

  1. Add a return bus named “mono” to the mixer.
  2. Set the output format of this return bus to mono.
  3. Set the volume fader of this return bus to -oo dB.
  4. Add a group bus named “stereo” to the mixer.
  5. Locate every bus and event in your project that is routed into the master bus, and route them into the “stereo” group bus.
  6. Select the “stereo” group bus, and add to its signal chain a 0 dB pre-fader send to the “mono” return bus.
  7. Create a snapshot named “mono.”
  8. Scope the volume faders of the “stero” and “mono” buses into the snapshot.
  9. Adjust the values of those faders in the snapshot, such that the “stereo” group bus’ volume is -oo dB and the “mono” return bus’ volume is 0 dB.

If you follow these steps, your game’s audio will be stereo normally, but mono while at least one instance of the snapshot is active.

Awesome, thank you so much… this was exactly the advise I was looking for!