[FIXED] Stereo output on Mac OS X

I’ve searched the manual and the forum. There are few posts that a slightly relevant but not directly.

I’m looking at the Examples.fspro - most of the examples work but I notice that I get no sound for the VO examples. I presume that this is because they are mono and routed to the centre channel of the 5.1. But I have only stereo out on this machine. Should Studio be downmixing the 5.1 to stereo on a stereo output audio config?

BTW I tried changing the VO output on the Deck to “stereo” rather than “automatic” and the Master Bus still shows the output going to the centre…

hmmm… as is common this is working now but doesn’t explain what was happening.

For anyone else having this issue it might help…

I went into Audio MIDI Setup and switched the output in Configure Speakers… to Multichannel and then back to Stereo. Rebooted Studio and the mIxer now shows up stereo.

Perhaps Studio picked up the wrong config at some point. I did read the manual where says that it automatically configures to the audio system available, which was why I was confused as to why it didn’t work.

Spoke too soon. Mono sounds still don’t go to the stereo mix.

This is now fixed in 1.02.02