Ambient Zones Switch

Hi All! I’m “new” to Unreal Engine and FMOD, and I’m trying to learn some basics.

According to my plan, I created a level where houses and a forest descend into a deep mine. Using trigger boxes and assigning the FMOD labeled parameter to the trigger box, for ambient switch. But the Mine sound didn’t stop when I return to the forest or the forest sound didn’t stops when I return to the mine. By the way, I’m trying to do this without any snapshots etc. I’m just “trying” using Trigger boxes and Blueprints for this. I probably failed to understand the Blueprints part. Can anyone help me to understand this? Please.

Hi there,
did you use conditions defined by the labeled parameter to tell the FMOD instruments when to trigger?
If yes, can you share a screenshot from your FMOD event and the parameter and conditions?