Android app hangs after time rewinding

When user rewind time on android device (current device time < device time before rewind), application hangs in the FMOD::Studio::System::flushCommands(). Method returns control back to app when current time become > device time before rewind. You can find stack in attach

It looks like one of our timing functions is using a wall clock on Android, I can issue a task to get that fixed.
That would explain the hang only if the mixer wasn’t running, is this code executing after a mixerSuspend before a mixerResume?

Actually there can be a case that flushCommands is executed before mixerResume - i will change this and try to check whether app will hang or not

unfortunately it didn’t help. app still hangs although there are no more any flushCommands calls between mixerSuspend and mixerResume

Thanks for the feedback, that’s certainly strange, from looking at the code a running mixer should resolve that lock.
Regardless, the time code is wrong, so I’ll get a dev to fix that and ensure it cannot hang.