Android can`t using command instrument?

Command Instruments work well in the Unity editor but do not function when the application is built for Android. In the same event, other instruments are functioning properly, but the Command Instruments are not. I am wondering if this issue is due to a scripting error or a mistake in the build process, or if it’s simply a feature not supported on Android. Thank you.


Command instruments are supported on Android.

What version of Unity and the FMOD integration are you using? Are there any Android logs you could share?

I using Unity 22.3.11 lts, FMOD 2.02.18 and when Build compelate it is not no error generlated(just texture icon warning generated
and how can I check android log for fmod?


You can look into using Android Studio | Logcat with the FMOD Integration | Settings - Logging level set to warning it should log any errors FMOD is running into.

The location of the Unity Editor logs can be found here: Unity Docs | Editor-related log locations, could you check for any FMOD-related errors?