Fmod is breaking Android build (Unity)

Hi there,

I’m trying to get Fmod to work in the android build of my game. So far everything worked great in the editor and in builds I made for Mac/windows also worked fine. The game also worked fine on android before adding Fmod. After adding Fmod however and setting up pretty basic audio components, not only is the sound not working, the game is also broken. It seems none of the taps on the screen are being registered anymore.
I haven’t written a single line of custom code and am only using the default Fmod event emitter and Fmod bank loader component. Like I said, the setup is pretty basic.

I’ve looked through the docs and the forums to find anything about this but haven’t gotten any wiser.
Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to help me out.

What version of FMOD are you using? Can you please tick Enable API Error Logging, set your Logging Level to “Log”, and post the output of your game’s log here?