[Android] FMOD Studio doesn't play any sounds

I am trying to use FMOD Studio on Android. Everything returns OK, but sounds are not playing. I’ve checked the EventInstance.PlaybackState, and it’s permanently stuck on STARTING.
There is also something wrong with loading events using paths - it always returns ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND, loading only seems to work via GUID. Calling eventDescrption.getPath() afterwards returns an empty string despite me loading strings bank file.

None of this happens on Windows - sounds are playing, paths are working.

Core FMOD works fine on both Windows and Android.

I am using C# bindings and Monogame.

My banks are default example bundled with FMOD. Though, banks are compiled for the “Desktop” platform – I dunno if that’s right or not. I only had Desktop and HTML5 options when compiling, so I figured Desktop will work on Android too.

My init configutration:

int maxChannels = 256,
uint dspBufferLength = 4,
int dspBufferCount = 32,

Ok, so my mistake was that I’ve initialized FMOD way later in the app’s life and not right at startup.
For my particular case, I’ve called Init() only after the sample selection screen in Update(), but I should’ve called it in Game1.Initialize().