Android: Inifinite wait for AnySampleDataLoading()

Hello, I’ve started porting to Android but having issues with bank loading. I’ve followed the guide for Unity and Android platform guide and implemented exactly same async loading as in the example:

This loading is working well in the editor but not in the build. The loading is never completed and is stuck at AnySampleDataLoading() call. If I remove that call, the main scene is being initialized properly, banks are loaded and sounds are working well. But I feel, something is odd.

Fmod version: 2.02.07
Unity version: 2021.3.2f1

Log: fmod-log.txt (2.5 MB)

It’s happening on Windows builds as well.


Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce the issue using the versions you provided. However, a method to debug the issue is as follows:

When building to Windows, if you could attach a debugger and in the AnySampleDataLoading() function print out the name of the bank that is making the statement loading |= (loadingState == FMOD.Studio.LOADING_STATE.LOADING); return true.

If it’s just a single bank returning LOADING_STATE.Loading every time, take a look at the particular bank inside FMOD Studio and see if there’s anything unique about it. Things like missing assets in one of the events, or the presence of an Audio Table.

If all the banks are stuck in LOADING_STATE.Loading then the issue is not with AnyBankLoading() and is more likely a problem with the calling code.

Hopefully, this will give you somewhere to start looking!