Are event instruments just plain bugged/broken?

There’s not a lot of guidance on using Event Instruments. I’ve several dynamic tracks I want to string together. The sensible approach is to have each a sub-event, seems to me. But where these events play correctly when played as events, when launched as Event Instruments, sometimes a track won’t play as if the start point isn’t registered. Hence I have a drum track, fill, repeat, and when played as an Event Instrument, when the jump in the controlling Event is reached, the Event Instrument starts but the first drum instrument isn’t started. when the play time hits the fill, the fill sounds and all subsequent instruments.

Also, when an Event Instrument meets a jump point, it just keeps on playing. And trying to control events in an Event and a Sub Event with the same loop parameter sees them unsynchronise.

Are Sub Events to be avoided?

It’s difficult to understand how exactly you have your event set up but please try the following:

  • Set the priority on all your music events to Highest to ensure no voices are being stolen
  • Check if the appropriate instruments (including event instruments) have the Cut property enabled

If you’re still having problems, please share your event with us for further investigation.

The problem as I understand it, and how I’ve fixed it, is that sub-events have their own timeline with their own jump points. When the master instrument jumps to the beginning of the track, say, the sub-event instrument just keeps on playing. So I’ve created jumps at the same points in the main event and sub events.

They ended up unsynchronised because I had the sub-events skilled differently to 1:1 (they aren’t imported 1:1? I had to right-click and scale them). Once one second in the main timeline is one second in the sub events, they are properly synchronised.

It does kinda make sense, but it’s the sort of feature that could really do with a tutorial. Event Instruments just aren’t covered anywhere that I could find, and yet they seem the only sane way to create some adaptive music. Is it wrong of me to think one instrument for each pattern of the song?

You are correct that each event instrument have their own timelines. Any logic you place on the logic track will be used also (loop regions, transitions, etc.).

The event instrument isn’t currently scaled to the length of the referenced event, but the instruments are asynchronous, so it doesn’t matter. Once the event instrument is triggered it will start playing the referenced event. If you enable the “Cut” property on the event instrument then it will untrigger once the playback cursor is no longer on the instrument.

Having an event instrument for each instrument with their own logic should work fine and keep in sync. Ensure that each event and referenced event has the priority set to Highest to ensure no voices are accidentally stolen.

I have added a note into our tracker to add an event instrument tutorial for people to reference in the future. We will look into this for a future release.

In the meantime if you have further questions, please feel free to ask.