Are there situations where the GUID path must be used?


We’re using FMOD_STUDIO_TIMELINE_BEAT_PROPERTIES on a Nested Event, and when we use the event path to make this call, the API can’t locate the event. However, when we use the GUID, it finds the nested event without a problem (and returns the expected beat data).

Are we likely doing something wrong when making this call? The programmer said he’s loading and we’re triggering events using event paths (and not GUIDs), so we’re not sure why using the event path in this instance isn’t working. The event path that we’re using looks something like this: event:/Music/songA/Nested Event


Is the nested event stored in a different bank to the parent event?
What is the FMOD error you get when using the event path?

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Hi Cameron,

The nested event is in the same bank as the parent event.

The error returned by Studio::System::getEvent(“event:/Music/SongA/Nested Event”) is
“The requested event, bus or vca could not be found.”

Some more detail from the programmer:
Calling by GUID works for that particular event by using Studio::System::getEvent("{6737b6a7-b5ba-4d90-aecd-c3dd2fc495b8}"), but the path on that particular object is “”.

Getting events by path using a different path (e.g. getEvent(“event:/Music/SongA”) works).

Regardless, for this case where were using FMOD_STUDIO_TIMELINE_BEAT_PROPERTIES, what we’re really after is how do we look inside of an active parent event (“Music”) and dig a down a couple layers to get the beat info of “Nested Event”? I believe what we’re doing above will only get us the beat info of a stand-alone instance of “Nested Event”, whereas we want this info to come from within the active “Music” event (specifically from “Music/SongA/Nested Event”).


It sounds like you may be trying to do something that is currently not supported. Although we believe there may be a few different ways around this. If you would like to email us a copy of the event/s to, we will be able to take a closer look, and suggest a workaround.

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